Podcast on International Literature

Huge thanks to Rita Chang-Eppig for organizing and leading this delightful conversation for GrottoPod about the joys of reading across borders and languages. Tune in here or find us on a podcast reader of your choice!

“What can international literature teach us about our collective past, present and future in these chaotic times? In the latest GrottoPod Gabfest, producer and Grotto fellow Rita Chang-Eppig talks to Jesus Francisco Sierra, Mathangi Subramanian and Olga Zilberbourg about the appeal of international literature, its necessity in our increasingly connected world, and our favorite authors and books, including Akram Aylisli’s Farewell, Aylis! (translated by Katherine E. Young), Perumal Murugan’s One Part Woman, Wendy Guerra’s Revolution Sunday (translated by Achy Obejas), and Yoko Ogawa’s Revenge (translated by Stephen Snyder). “

One thought on “Podcast on International Literature

  1. Saleh Razzouk (middle East)

    interesting to hear about the literary life of the second half of the world.
    international politics is taking effect ever since i opened my eyes. why not literature as well.
    more interesting some works are taking the risk of covering international big events, such as in The Tobacco Keeper by Ali Badr (it is a novel on the Jews of Iraq and their diaspora after 1948.
    another is Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi ( another novel used Frankenstein of Mary Shelly).
    literature brings us together when politics divides us.

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